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What to expect:
Smile big and why not, get wet!! No experience is required, we want to make everyone feel welcome and successful.
Wear Yoga like attired (no cotton) bring a hat, sunscreen, change of cloths, towel and drinking water, we supply the rest.
Sup Yoga is a unique form of Yoga that takes place on a paddle board in the water. While you are not likely to do any different from what you have done in your traditional class. Sup Yoga does offer a unique experience on the water.
This class will help you to slow down, focus on performing each pose through proper form and be present.
So SUP is taking your practice of Yoga to a Stand Paddle Board, often describes as a "moving mat".

The board itself is most often designed specifically for yoga, is long and wide, built for stability.

It seems to initially be seen as a challenge of balance to do postures when the water sways, but what initially feels like instability becomes the inability to cheat!, see we all favour a side, a body part, etc; but on your board you simply canĀ“t, therefore we create balance and harmony in our muscles.

This then creates a cycle of concentration to body movement, which links us to breathe and all those amazing qualities that yoga gives us, like that warm fuzzy yoga glow.

The best part is we can paddle sour boards out to wherever we feel really connected with nature, away from distractions and gadgets that take away our attention.

Once returning to land, all those qualities stick with you through the day and can be taken to your mat, suddenly your body is stronger and more balanced.

Often the urge is to get back to the water! Sup Yoga holds a special quality, it is both challenging and calming.

It takes the best of two worlds and combines them into an experience of true surrender.