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Indo Board Yoga is a four week session, cost $45 to sign in email [email protected]

Next sessions are on Friday

March 16th-April 13 no class April 6

April 20th-May 18 this is the last session

The Indo Yoga Board simulates the unstable Yoga that has been popularized by Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga,
which is Yoga performed in a body of water on a Stand Up Paddle Board.
Class description:
What to expect: no experience is required we want to make everyone feel welcome and successful.
Wear Yoga like attired bring your mat we supply the rest.
The Indo Yoga Board is the original studio base Yoga  board design to take Yoga to the next level this board provides the instability like in SUP (stand up paddle board) this will help you to slow down focus on performing each pose through proper form and be present.

The Indo Yoga Board features an all wood deck that has four rockers attached to the bottom, for more advanced progression you can place only three inflatable Indo Board IndoFLO cushions under the deck.

Varying the level of inflation of the three IndoFLO cushions also allows for progression  or regression based on the userĀ“s level.

The Indo Yoga Board is great for all types of Yoga, like Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga, Moshka Yoga, Yoga Core Training and Yoga Fit.

The vast majority of poses can be performed on the Indo Yoga Board.