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Private Sessions

Azul Sup & Yoga offers private sessions in a variety of fitness disciplines outlined below.

  • Yoga 

  • Barre

  • Boxing

  • INDO Yoga


We offer these classes to folks of all fitness levels. Our private sessions are modified to address fitness goals, mobility issues or injury recovery.

What to expect when booking a private session:

To book you must first request a free introductory call using our "contact us" tab. In this call the instructor will be able to get initial information on your goals, any prior injuries and other important information to help create a program or class to fit your needs. Once the instructor has an idea of what you are looking to accomplish, the next step is scheduling a mobility assessment. This step is important if you are recovering from an injury or suffer from limited mobility. The private session will be tailored to fit your needs and passions- here we recognize that fitness should be engaging and to do that we may mix a variety of disciplines in a single class. 


We are proud to offer workshops in a wide range of areas outlined below.

  • Inversions 

  • Yoga Wheel 

  • INDO Yoga

What to expect:

Workshops may be hosted in studio or at another location. If you are interested in booking a workshop, check out booking page. If you do not see any workshops listed, we may not be offering any at the moment. You can always reach out to us on our "contact us" page with any questions.

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