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Sup (Stand Up Paddle) Yoga is a unique form of Yoga that takes place on a Stand Up Paddle Board, often described as a "moving mat" on water. While you are not likely to do anything different from what you have done in your traditional class, Sup Yoga does offer a unique experience on the water. This class will help you to slow down, focus on performing each pose through proper form and being present.


We are proud to host a fleet of BOGA boards designed specifically for yoga, these are long and wide, built for stability. While it seems like a challenge of balance, practicing on the water allows you the ability to create balance and harmony in your muscles. The best part is gaining a deeper connection with nature away from any distractions or gadgets, allowing you to deepen your practice. It takes the best of two worlds and combines them into an experience of true surrender.

This class welcomes all yoga levels. We currently offer these classes on Lake Ki as well as in the pool during the winter months, check our schedule or contact us for more information. We are proud to host our classes for the seventh season this year!


We teach Indo Board Yoga in our off  sea
Indo Board Yoga. I will be teaching this

Like SUP Yoga, Indo Board Yoga is an opportunity to take your practice off of your traditional mat and challenge yourself in a new way. The Indo Yoga Board is the original studio base Yoga board which mimics the instability experienced in SUP. This will help you retrain your focus on performing each pose through proper form and being present. The Indo Yoga Board features an all wood deck that has four rockers attached to the bottom, for more advanced progression you can place three inflatable Indo Board IndoFLO cushions under the deck adding instability. Varying the level of inflation of the three IndoFLO cushions also allows for progression or regression based on the users level. 

This class welcomes all yoga levels. We currently offer these classes as workshops [Intro to Indo Board Yoga, intermediate and advanced] and as drop in classes, check our schedule or contact us for more information. 

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